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Ways to Partner with Glorystar

Glorystar now offers different programs for passionate Christians to help spread the Good News throughout the world, starting with your own hometown!

1. Glorystar Customers Needed to Spread the Word!

Passionate Christians with an installed Glorystar Satellite System tell friends "Yes it is true - Over 70 FREE digital Christian Channels"

What are the Benefits - Being able to grow in faith, keep up with current events, and receive FREE Digital Christian Programming with No Subscriptions or Monthly Fees!

What are the Costs - Glorystar Satellite System + shipping and/or installation (if you should choose to have the system professionally installed). No Subscriptions or Monthly Fees!

How to Participate - Order Online Now! or pick up the phone and call us today 866-630-2460. Then tell a friend about all your FREE Christian Channels!

2. Glorystar Authorized Dealer

An electronics related business or a satellite system installer that would like to earn additional income

Help promote Free Digital Christian Programming by becoming a Glorystar Authorized Dealer. Purchase equipment in volume at discounted prices and resell the equipment and/or your installation services. Glorystar Authorized Dealers are independent contractors and are responsible for all taxes, labor, insurance associated with reselling product in their state or region. A Glorystar Authorized Dealer may not be a relative or employee of a Glorystar or Network Broadcast Partner. A Glorystar Authorized Dealer may not be a Christian Broadcaster that is eligible to become a Glorystar Network Broadcast Partner.

Authorized Dealers provide field support for their customers. Every Glorystar Authorized Dealer gets full support from Glorystar staff and expedited shipping as well as expedited service benefits.

What are the Benefits - increased revenue from every sale and income from value added services, installations and support - Unlimited potential. Any Affiliate that has reached a certain level of confidence in helping others and who is capable of organizing a business is encouraged to become Glorystar Authorized Dealer.

What are the Costs - There are costs to become a Glorystar Authorized Dealer. Just make a minimum quantity order or begin to drop ship systems and start promoting your business.

How to Participate - Register your business today! Email us requesting a dealership application dealersales@satelliteav.com.

3. Glorystar Marketing Affiliate

Is a Broadcaster (terrestrial, web streaming, satellite) or Media Advertising Service (Print or Electronic Marketing). This is typically a company that is selling advertising space.

Professional in the Christian Marketing business that would like to increase revenues promoting Glorystar's Free Digital Christian Programming Packages. Glorystar Marketing Affiliate may not be a Christian Broadcaster that is eligible to become a Glorystar Network Broadcast Partner (I.e. is currently broadcasting from Galaxy 19 Ku). Glorystar Marketing Affiliates typically do not order from Glorystar.

What are the Benefits - Each shipped Glorystar package linked to Glorystar Marketing Affiliate referral pays a minimum of $10. All sales and support related services provided by Glorystar. Professional Flier Design and Web Downloadable forms provided by Glorystar.

What are the Costs - There is no cost to become a Glorystar Marketing Affiliates promote the Glorystar Satellite Network using available Ad Avails and ad space. Costs will vary depending on the marketing effort.

How to Participate - Glorystar Marketing Affiliates promote the Glorystar Satellite Network using available Ad Avails and ad space. Register today! Call 866-630-2460.

4. Glorystar Broadcast Partner

Christian Television and Radio Broadcaster's transmitting signals over North America from Galaxy 19 satellite or transmitting over Asia from satellite Agila 2 and is contracted with Glorystar

What are the Benefits - Broadcast to the 480 million inhabitants of North America, including Mexico, Canada, the United States and several Caribbean nations. Glorystar Satellite Systems provides numerous FREE services to all contracted Glorystar Network Broadcasters including:

• FREE Toll Free Sales

• FREE Toll Free Technical Support

• FREE Secure Ordering Website

• FREE Direct to Home Consulting

• FREE Monthly Customer Reports


What are the Costs - There are no Costs to Become a Glorystar Broardcast Partner.

How to Participate - Call 866-630-2460

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