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Glorystar Satellite Systems – Ministry Support Services

Glorystar Satellite Systems excels in outstanding customer service and offers products, which have the value, quality, performance and upgradeable features that will exceed your distribution requirements. Glorystar Satellite Systems provides Christian Satellite Broadcast Ministries with reliable satellite reception equipment distribution for low power television head ends, cable head ends, IPTV head ends, church facilities, prison ministries, retail outlets and direct to home sales at No Charge to Christian Broadcast Ministry. If you would like your Christian Broadcast Ministry’s message to be received by Glorystar’s viewers the signal must be transmitted from the following satellite: Galaxy 19 Ku located at 97° W.

Mission and Core Principals

The mission of Glorystar is to impact the world for Christ through media distribution. To qualify for the Free Ministry Support Services provided by Glorystar Satellite Systems, a Christian broadcaster’s core principles should agree with the following:

  • Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior

  • Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins

  • Jesus Christ rose again so that through Him we have eternal life

Additionally, for a Christian broadcaster’s signal to be received by Glorystar viewers the signal must be transmitted from Galaxy19 Ku satellite.

For complete information, please review our online brochure.

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