Glorystar Affiliate Marketing

A Glorystar Affiliate is an individual, group or organization that wants to earn money while helping to promote Free Digital Christian Programming to their supporters, friends, family and neighbors.

What are the Benefits - Each shipped Glorystar package linked to a Glorystar Affiliate referral pays $10. No actual sales skills required - All sales and support related services provided by Glorystar. Professional Flier Design and Web Downloadable forms provided by Glorystar.

What are the Costs - There are NO COSTS to become a Glorystar Affiliate. Participants copying and distributing fliers are the real costs of becoming a successful Glorystar Affiliate.

How to Participate - www.glorystar.tv - then provide handouts at local churches and event locations, send emails or otherwise communicate with church members, friends, family and neighbors about the FREE Digital Christian Programming with No Subscriptions or Monthly Fees!

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